“Some marijuana, if you got some…”

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff responded in the affirmative to the inevitable marijuana question on Wednesday, saying, “I have smoked pot as a young man, yes . . . and it’s one of the reasons why I urge young people not to repeat the experience. It did not ruin my life. I just think there are a lot more important and interesting things to do with your life, including a glass of wine after dinner. Hey, I mean, let’s all relax here.”

Just as a reminder, here’s Conservative leader Stephen Harper’s response when he got the question on June 4, 2004:

“What I said was that I was offered a joint once and I was too drunk. But the serious answer is that I’m an asthmatic, so I’ve never smoked anything.”

Harper, apparently, has since recovered and is no longer an asthmatic though almost certainly not toking.  He was, however, seen sipping a beer in a TV clip at his home recently. A Molson Canadian, alas.

Meanwhile, with patriarch Marc Emery making little ones out of big ones at the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, GA, the Marijuana Party is but a pungent wisp of its former self. Only five candidates running for the “green” party in this election:

Kornelis Klevering    Guelph
Michael Baldasaro    Hamilton-Centre
John Andrew Akpata    Ottawa-Centre
Terry Parker    Parkdale–High Park
Denis A. Carrière    Thunder Bay–Superior-Nord


2 thoughts on ““Some marijuana, if you got some…”

  1. It’s a darn shame that those with health issues cannot persuade physicians in Ontario to give them solace, and permission to smoke. For some health issues it really helps.

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